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Michelle Barry was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, though she was later cajoled over the border into Connecticut by her future husband, where she has been happily residing for many years. She holds a degree in Communications from Salve Regina University and has worked as a newspaper reporter, freelance writer and editor, and marketing professional. She currently lives in Connecticut with her charming husband and their two delightful children.

The Full Backstory

Michelle Barry was born and raised in Springfield, MA, where she visited the library often and always left with more books than she could carry. Although back then she wanted to be an astronaut, she eventually decided she was better suited to explore the stars in her imagination rather than from inside a rocket ship (though she still wouldn't say no to a ride in one someday).

Open Book

When she grew up and was old enough to carry her own unreasonably large stacks of books, she moved to Newport, Rhode Island to attend Salve Regina University. On the island, she made lifelong memories with great friends and took so many literature courses, they had to tell her to stop and take something else. She also earned her degree in Communications along the way, and in her senior year, met her future-husband.

After graduating, she moved back to Massachusetts and began her professional career at a local newspaper. As a reporter, she covered everything from town meetings to local performers to rabid raccoons. While she loved her time as a journalist, she eventually left the newspaper for her first of many roles in the marketing industry. 

Around that same time, her future husband convinced her to shed her Massachusetts credentials and join him in Connecticut, where they later married. They have resided there ever since, now along with their daughter and son. The Barry family can usually be found hiking, biking, bird watching, and chasing bears from their backyard.

In between all of that though, you'll find her typing stories on her computer, jotting notes on the bazillion post-its she has strewn around the house, or staring into space, daydreaming new adventures for her characters. 

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